13 Steps you can take when you have no motivation to do anything

13 Steps you can take when you have no motivation to do anything
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What to do when you have no motivation to do anything


If you find it tough when you have no motivation to do anything and all your hard work is not paying off, then this article is just for you.

You have come to the right place as I have listed down my own tried and tested steps which have always helped me in my darkest of times.

What is Motivation and why we need to be motivated?  

We, humans, have a variety of emotions and motivation is one of them. It is an emotion which triggers our brain to work harder and it enables the beast mode in us.

Why do we need it? 

We need the motivation to reach our goal. We need the motivation to defeat our obstacles which come between our path leading to our goal. We need motivation so that we give our best and stick to our goal.

There was a Football match between Real Madrid & Deportivo in which despite Christiano Ronaldo got kicked in his face and started bleeding,  he still scored a goal.

Watch the video here.

That’s Motivation for you guys! Christiano Ronaldo was so much motivated even that injury didn’t stop him from reaching his goal. Real Madrid won 7-1.

Here in this article, I will tell you the Steps you can take when you have no motivation to do anything.

Set a Goal 

Set a goal
Set a goal

First thing first set aside all your gadgets and smartphone and focus on one thing which is in setting your goal! Guys, the trick here is to do that work which you like doing. Do that work in which you feel motivated.

If you are in a job, fast forward to 10 years ahead and see yourself in the same organization.

Do you feel good in that role? If yes then its the right path to chose and if that doesn’t comfort you, you need to get out of that now!

I know its easier said than done, but it is our life and if we don’t act now, life will not give us time to regret later.

Set a goal which excites you, motivates you whether it is a short term goal or a long term.

Develop a HABIT 

Your life should be organized by developing habits that contribute towards reaching your goal. How to motivate yourself if you ask me? You must write down and follow a process. With discipline, we can achieve the impossible.

Imagine the life of a UFC fighter, he trains for his upcoming fight by following a strict regime, a training schedule where he gets up early in the morning and starts training. He follows a process here and forces his body so that a habit is developed.

How to motivate yourself? Living an organized life and developing a habit helps you stay motivated.


The thing is YOU DONT HAVE TIME 

We think we have time
We think we have time

Imagine if a soccer match is not 90 minutes and it goes on forever, will the player play with the same motivation level like they do in a 90 minutes game?

Likewise, in reality, we think we have time but the truth is we DONT! Life runs at a very fast pace and we must as well. So think about this and give it a thought.

This should be enough when you have no motivation to do anything to give our best NOW when we realize that we don’t have time.

Keep Your FOCUS on your actions 

focus on your goal

The focus is everything. I often hear people saying that you must focus on your end rewards and the recognition after achieving your goal, but I say all your focus should be on your current work and you should not think about failures as this will only distract you from your current work.

Even if you fail, its an experience.

Always be HUNGRY for Success

Stay Hungry

One of the important steps you should take on how to motivate yourself keeps your hunger alive. You should never let that hunger in you die at any moment and if you are hungry for success, this one thing will always keep you motivated.

You must have seen the movie ROCKY played by Sylvester Stallone? Do you know the real story behind the blockbuster script? The script was written by none other than SLY himself and he wrote it during the toughest time of his life.

He approached filmmakers and sponsors to produce the film and all he wanted was to act himself in the feature film based on the script written by himself.

He was offered a good amount from the producers in exchange of the script and under the circumstances which sly was going through, if he didn’t have the motivation to act in his own script, he would have simply taken the money and walk away.

It was his motivation that made him where he is today and what happened to the movie is history.

Learn to REST your brain 

Motivation is something that keeps you going but it doesn’t mean that you never stop and forget to take breaks. You must learn when to rest your brain and body in order to sharpen them.

In a jungle, there were 2 woodcutters who had been assigned a task to cut as many trees as they could in one day. The first guy could cut only 1 in 1 hour but the 2nd guy was able to cut 3 trees at the same time. You wanna know what was his approach? The other guy after cutting each tree rested to sharpen his axe.

No motivation to do anything? Start resting your weapons and give them time to sharpen up.

Start noting things down 

maintain a diary
maintain a diary

Maintain a diary and start writing.. Trust me this one thing is going to help you to stay motivated when you start jotting down little achievements and those tiny little plans , those smallest of thoughts which runs in your mind when you think about your goal . It will help you immensely .

Include MEDITATION in your life 


Meditation improves your concentration and lets you focus more on your goal . It makes you a stronger individual by making you calm .

I see those blessed Krishna conscious people , chanting and meditating in the name of Hare krsna , because it gives them the strength and peace of mind . If possible bring in chanting in your schedule , which will ultimately help you focus more towards your goal .

Imbibe a POSITIVE attitude 

Positive thinking
Positive thinking

If you start being positive , your life changes for good . Its important to choose people with whom you spend most of your time as your attitude towards life depends a lot on this .

Positivity and Negativity spreads in the air . Make friends with positive minded people and stay away from people who always have a problem with life .

Start following motivational personalities on social media .

If for any moment you feel demotivated , relax and take a deep breath and pat on your back by saying ‘ All is well ” .

No motivation to do anything?  POSITIVE thinking .

Be positive
Be positive

Be  aware of your STRENGTHS & Weaknesses 

Always know what you are good at and try to make it even better and be aware of your weak areas and dont spend too much time on its improvement . Work on your strengths as in your tough times , your strengths are your best friends and the best part is it gives you a superhuman level of confidence which takes your motivation to sky level.

Dont Stress on what you cannot control 

Experience matters . Experience the experiences and dont bother on what you cannot control .

There is a saying from a famous iskcon monk ‘ Gaur Gopal Das ‘ ji . He says WHY WORRY ? He asks us do you have a problem in life ? If NO then WHY to WORRY ! He further asks ” Do You have a problem in life ? If YES can you solve it ? If YES then WHY WORRY ? and if your answer is NO then again WHY WORRY ?

Watch this wonderful video from Gaur Gopal das ji here which gives us an excellent new approach towards our problems in life here.


How to motivate yourself ? I say if you constantly keep learning , it keeps your motivational level high .

You learn from everyone , not only from experienced people but also from a child . Take regular feedbacks on your progress , and work on it . Be Proactive .

Start Motivating others 

This is one of the many successful steps on hot to motivate yourself by start motivating others . Be proactive by complimenting the efforts of the people around you . This will give you a good feeling and ultimately you will also feel motivated .

How to motivate yourself
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    1. Thanks Anne ! Yes jotting things down is really handy and it helps you recollect things infact it stays in your memory when you start writing and we humans are made to keep learning ! The moment we stop doing that we put a brake on our growth ! Thanks for reading

  1. We have already begun to implement some of your suggestions and are confident that they will help us achieve our goals . Looking forward to read more of your blogs on such intresting topics .

    1. Hi Ishita ! So glad you have started implementing some of the steps already . I am sure they will help you a lot ! Thanks for reading

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