Simple things you can do right now that will make you Happy & Successful

Simple things you can do right now that will make you Happy & Successful
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What should you do right now to be happy and successful?


People often say Get out of your comfort zone! But someone in the crowd asks why and how?

There are times when my mind is constantly in search of some of the answers it is not convinced with. The other day, it was late evening when I was sipping my coffee, my mind suddenly pops up with a doubt!

It started wondering why so many people like to be inside a self-made circle? They are so happy living inside that circle, it seems they would never want to get out of.

People get easily habituated to do the same things over and over again because they have been doing this repeatedly and this deed gives them a sense of comfort.

Simply put, doing something which you have never done before, makes you stand outside your comfort zone circle and we the people are hesitant in doing that unless circumstances force us to do it.

My mind then keeps whispering ‘ do these people have any goal in life ?’  or don’t they have a long wish list of things to do they want to try out in their lifetime? because in your comfort zone you have achieved what you already have and if you are not happy with that, you need to get out of your comfort zone now.

Your growth stops when you are in your comfort zone .When you are not growing , everything around you constantly changes . Nothing in life stays the same , everything around us changes .

what should i do right now? Staying in your comfort zone will hold you like a prisoner on what you want to do and who you wish to become .

This is the DANGER in staying in your comfort zone by not experiencing something which you have never experienced before .

We are pleasure seeking people and we find solace in anything that provides comfort. But we often fail to understand that Success is not a comfortable process and your comfort zone is your biggest enemy.

So what should I do right now to be happy and successful?

You guys must be knowing some of the steps I am going to provide you in this article on how to get out of your comfort zone.. You need to pick up 3-4 at a time and start implementing in the coming weeks..

Get Alive & Kicking 

get out of your comfort zone
get out of your comfort zone

We are capable of doing a lot of things but the truth is we seldom push ourselves to the limits . If we dont do that , we will never be able to know our true potential .

When we stretch a rubber band , there is a very thin line between the band being stretched to the maximum  and to the point the elastic breaks . Our job is to find that SWEET SPOT and keep pushing ourselves to the limit and keep coming back .

See, its a habit , push yourself and then retract . Repeat the process and you will see things changing . Whether its a sportsman ,  a student , in our corporate life or in our personal life ,  its just a matter of doing that one more rep to stretch those muscles or be it surviving one more round in the hope of achieving something which you have never achieved before .

Take Action within 5 secs 

The 5 second approach
The 5 second approach

Yes ! In this practice, you must react and you only have 5 secs . We call it impulsive decision . Ask the girl you love for a date in the middle of a conversation . Feel like taking your own video ? do it now ! Wanna lift 5 pounds heavier today ? Do it !

Use your common sense as well . By being impulsive , i dont mean you jump

off the cliff by the count of 5 Nope , i dont want you to do that my friend.

Press the FAST FORWARD button often 

Press the FF Button

If you wish to get out of your comfort zone , then you should start using this method . Use the Led TV of your mind and remote control to fast forward your situation by 5-10 years . If you are in a job , fast forward it and visualize things , analyse the situation and see whether you would want yourself in that situation 5-10 years down the line .

If not , its time to step outside that inner circle my friend because if you dont do it now , life will not give you time to regret it later .

Be the Driver , Not the Rider 

Be the Driver

Its not a sin to use the backseat of your car , but you must not be driven all the time in life situations . Stop following the herd and take control of your life by not following what others are doing and start following your heart , what you want to do .

Make yourself  UNCOMFORTABLE by trying out new things

To get out of your comfort zone, start making yourself uncomfortable in small ways . Take the stairs and not the lift , Do HIIT instead of traditional cardio , try out a new food to eat , a completely new cuisine which you have not tried before .

Try out new jobs , try to learn a new course online , try out a new hobby , get to know what you like and dislike , your strengths and weaknesses , develop a skill , you never know you could make a passive income out of it someday , learn a new dance move .

Go on a SOLO TRIP more often

Its Me on a Solo Trip !
Its Me on a Solo Trip back in 2014


What should I do right now? Go on a trip alone if you want to get out of your comfort zone . Guys, i cannot stretch this more as this trick has helped me to get out of my comfort zone . Going on a solo trip instantly puts you outside your self created circle and makes you a better person .

You act more responsibly , you use your brain more often and you experience something which you have never experienced before .

Hang out with people who are more successful than you 

This really works . It did for me so many times . Often we tend to ignore people who are more successful around us of our same age . To get out of your comfort zone , you need to start mingling with such people and trust me this will really help you a lot .

Understand , Life is UNSTABLE 

Life is a roller coaster ride where nothing is stable . It changes with a blink of an eye , without even letting you know about it ! Circumstances changes too which determines good and bad times . Why to get out of your comfort zone when life forces you to and why not we prepare ourselves before such a situation arrives ?


Any zone outside your comfort zone is called GROWTH ZONE ! Do something every single day that evolves you and not dissolves you . Learn how to step your game . When you choose to live in your comfort zone , you choose to live a mediocre life !


So when are you coming out of your circle ? Do let me know in the comments section below and do not forget to share this article on your favourite social media platforms .


12 thoughts on “Simple things you can do right now that will make you Happy & Successful

  1. This is such an amazing motivational post! I love the part about be the driver not the rider! Taking control of your life is so important when getting out of your comfort zone.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth and Yes ! It’s really important that we realise it and get out of the circle as fast as we can ! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. This is very motivating especially the part Hangout with people who are more successful than you this goes for the youth who often gets surrounded by a wrong circle to be popular.

    1. Hi Ishita ! Yes very true you must be very selective while choosing the people you spend most of your time with ! Thanks for reading dear

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