Should you do cardio or strength training first for weight loss?

Should you do cardio or strength training first for weight loss?
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Should you do cardio or strength training first for weight loss?


On our weight loss journey, it is very common to occur in our minds whether should you do cardio or strength training first.

We will see what actually works best for our body and what we should be ideally doing if we want to get rid of body fat at a faster rate in this article.


 So what do we BENEFIT out of reading this whole article?

  • We will get to know the positives of both methods of losing weight.
  • We will have an in-depth view of what works best and why
  • At the end of the article, It will be easier for us to chose which style of workout to follow.

Now let us quickly get to know the benefits of each method of the workout.

BENEFITS of doing cardio exercises for weight loss 


  • It helps in regulating your blood flow thus keeping your HEART HEALTHY
  • Again due to increased blood flow, these are also good for RECOVERY.
  • It is a great STRESS buster and helps in uplifting your MOOD 
  • Your SLEEP quality gets better
  • Cardio helps in increasing your METABOLIC rate.

BENEFITS of doing WEIGHT TRAINING  for weight loss for menweight training

  • weight training for weight loss not only build LEAN MUSCLES but also protects them in the process of losing body fat
  • Weight training for weight loss activates the hormones responsible for fat building
  • Weight training for weight loss increases your INSULIN RESISTANCE. Low insulin resistance means when your body fails to process sugar , it starts to get stored as body fat thus speeding up the process of ageing.
  • Do you know our body keeps losing fat even when we sleep ? Weight training Increases (BMR) Basal Metabolic Rate, is nothing but the number of calories you burn while you sleep.
  • Reduces the risk of injuries such as back and ACL injury if performed in a proper way.
  • Improves BALANCE and POSTURE
  • Improves a person’s STAMINA and ENDURANCE 

With weight training for weight loss, you must be habitual to live with SORE MUSCLES. I have covered a full article on sore muscles and you can grab it here.

So we saw the benefits of both methods of training , let us now discuss which is best for the purpose of losing weight CARDIO or WEIGHT training for Weight loss?


Most people will say that cardio exercises for fat loss are the best way and the majority thinks that conventional cardio is better than weight training.

They think like this because a 60 minutes of slow and steady cardio burns more calories than a 60 minutes of weight training because of the simple reason that during cardio  our heart rates are always pumped and elevated for longer period of time in comparison to weight training just due to a simple fact that weight training incorporates REST between sets .

Now let me tell you the most tricky and lesser known fact that every individual needs to know on a fat loss journey 

The body burns calories in 3 different ways 

  1. Basal Metabolic Rate ( BMR )  calories burned while you sleep
  2. Activity Energy Expenditure ( AEC ) calories burned during the exercise
  3. Non – Exercise calorie expenditure calories burned when you are not working out and when you are not sleeping means when you are doing normal activities like walking, working in office etc

Now what Weight training does is that it increases BMR and Non – exercise energy expenditure which means that even when your not lifting weights, your body continues to keep losing fat throughout the day

With cardio exercises for fat loss, you lose fat only during your cardio workouts but the process of losing fat stops the moment you complete your cardio workout unless you do advanced HIIT training.

weight training

SUMMARY       It is best to include both methods of exercise in your schedule if you want to lose weight fast but ideally, it should be 80 – 20 ratios 80 % priority should be given to weight training for weight loss 

If need to chose 1 between the two methods of fat loss training I would certainly recommend WEIGHT TRAINING for weight loss for men as it is the most effective and it keeps burning fat for you even after your training has been completed

Let us have a look at 1 real-life example of how this guy went from 162 kg to 98 kg with Weight training for weight loss and proper nutrition. 

5am-Success approached this young gentleman and took permission to showcase  his amazing transformation and he did  through 100 % WEIGHT TRAINING and 0 % Cardio .

The amazing guy is Mr. Anthony Bayer .  5am-success wishes him kudos of CONGRATULATIONS on accomplishing this phenomenal transformation just by WEIGHT TRAINING .



weight training fro weight loss
Anthony Bayer before the TRANSFORMATION
weight training fro weight loss
weight training fro weight loss

weight training fro weight lossAs per my conversation with him over FACEBOOK messenger he revealed he never did any cardio just plain WEIGHT TRAINING for weight loss.

Have a look at the conversation between 5am-success  and  Anthony Bayer :


Anthony Bayer saying it was 100 % weight training and no cardio which gave him this transformation

You may visit his FACEBOOK profile and get the motivation. All you need is proper Nutrition and Weight Training for Weight loss.

Keep Fit Keep Strong. Happy Reading Guys.

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  1. Awesome, I liked it so much as I am also part of this field , got to know many things which I also didn’t know, thanks for posting it over here.

  2. Hi Sharad,

    I already knew that weight training is the way to go . I have to admit though that this is the first time I got to know so much in-depth
    I must say that you have fantastically covered all the details in such crisp way.

    Awesome Read..

    1. Hi Nabin ,

      It feels Great when you get appreciated for your hard work ! i am glad you liked the article and I thank you for reading it ! Stay FIT .

  3. OMG! He got so ripped just by weight training! I will send this to my friend (he hates cardio but is looking for some fitness inspiration).

  4. OMG! He got so ripped just by weight training! I will send this to my friend (he hates cardio but is looking for some fitness inspiration).

  5. I will immediately grab your rss feed as I can’t find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please let me know in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

    1. Hey Foloren ! So nice to see you here 🙂 You can drop your email on the right side of the homepage there you will see an option to subscribe by dropping your email id! Do let me know if you face any difficulty in finding as I will help you out

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