Weight lifting for women : Should WOMEN lift weights ?? We Find out !!

Weight lifting for women : Should WOMEN lift weights ?? We Find out !!
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Weight lifting for women is still something many women are unsure of and there is always some amount of doubt in their mind when it comes to training with the use of weights .

It is mainly due to some of the age old myths which creates a question mark when it comes to weight lifting for women .

weight lifting for weight loss female
weight lifting for weight loss female

MYTHS behind weight lifting for women  

Weight lifting makes a female Bulky : Many women are of the belief that if they start lifting weights they may develop big muscles like men .  Let me tell you that this can never be the case.

Women can never build muscles like men because women produce ESTROGEN in abundance . Estrogen is a hormone produced by the ovaries , which are responsible for the development of female characteristics .

ESTROGEN acts just like a Facebook messenger for women  that tells certain tissues on how to react in a certain way .

Men have Testosterone  in abundance which is responsible for the growth in muscles and testosterone is the primary reason for men building so much of muscles in comparison to women .

Do Men have Estrogen and Women have Testosterone as well ?

Yes !! Both men and women produces estrogen and testosterone the difference is men produces much more than women . Women produces less than 10 percent of what men when it comes to the production of testosterone levels .

Men have very high levels of testosterone in their young age with extremely low levels of estrogen . As age progresses , there is a downward trend in testosterone and upward trend in estrogen in male which results in high risk of heart diseases , diabetes , or any other health issues .

So dont worry if someone tells you that weight lifting for women will make you look huge like men then of course a woman will gain some muscles but that is very marginal which helps them in losing weight .

A woman cannot get bulky and muscular like men with weight training unless she goes for any sort of drugs in the form of testosterone inject which makes them huge with muscles like men .

Myth 2 : Weight training is not safe ! 

Injury in weight training

It is a myth among women that if they do weight training they may get injured or it is unsafe but this is absolutely not true . If you follow the proper guidance of your trainer and do it in the correct manner then there is no chance of any injury .

Weight lifting for women : Benefits of lifting weights

girl with a kettlebell
girl with a kettle-bell

Bone Density  

As and when a woman gets old with time , their bone tends to become thinner and weaker which as a result makes you weak , fragile and prone to injury .

To avoid this , even if a woman do weight training for once a week , it significantly reduces the chances of her bones to get weak and it increases the bone density which helps her avoid those injuries .

Gain Lean Muscle 

With weight training you simply reduce  your body fat percentage and make way for some lean muscle mass which in turn makes your body look more toned and it completely changes your body’s structure in addition to making you more stronger and energetic .

Lean muscle mass by weight training
Lean muscle mass by weight training

Increase in METABOLISM 

A great benefit if you ask me . A rise in metabolism means increase in productivity , rise in mental and physical alertness , rise in energy levels , you wont get easily fatigue meaning your gas tank will be fuller and you will be able to east more foods frequently because weight lifting for women gives you this freedom.

A group of energetic female
A group of energetic females

Variety of EXERCISES in Weight training 

What weight training gives you is that it will never make you bore with one form of exercise . Unlike cardio exercises like running in a treadmill for hours or doing Jumping jacks , weight training is full of varieties and new forms you may always chose if boredom strikes you .

Shorter Exercises 

weight lifting for women
weight lifting for women

It is always more fun in performing small sets of weight training rather than doing endless  minutes in treadmills or running . Just a 15 minute weight lifting workout burns more calories and keeps on burning more calories even after the workout  than those treadmills run or jumping jacks or a zumba dance .

It Promotes Fat Loss

You  keep burning those calories even after your workout . I have covered this in my previous article . You may  refer to https://5am-success.com/weight-training-for-weight-loss-or-cardio-exercises-for-weight-loss/  we call it ACTIVE burn and PASSIVE burn .

It Makes You Stronger

weight lifting for women
weight lifting for women

Weight lifting for women makes you stronger than yesterday as she sees an increase in her stamina levels thus makes her do more work and protects her from infectious diseases as her immunity levels rise .

You Dont have to work out daily 

Day off for muscle recovery from wear and tear

It is not advisable to work out daily in weight training because you need to give your muscles’s tissues  time to repair from wear and tear which takes place due to weight training and you dont end up doing cardio exercises on a daily basis .

My advice to each and every women out there . Start Weight Training today if you have not started . It will give you enough confidence and loads of benefits which i have covered in this article .

weight lifting for women
weight lifting for women

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Stay FIT Stay Strong .



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  1. This is such an amazing post! I had no idea that weightlifting burned more calories than a simple run. I’m totally trying it out more now.

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