Top 16 foods to eat to lose your belly diet !!

Top 16 foods to eat to lose your belly diet !!
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16 foods to eat to lose your belly diet

 It has become the most talked about issue in our lives today on how to lose belly fat and if necessary lifestyle changes are not done time, it can be the biggest cause for concern as it poses a serious threat to a person health.

So what do we BENEFIT at the end of this article ?

  • We will understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet which will lead to a healthy disease free lifestyle 
  • We will be able to live stress-free and an active life with full of energy
  • If you start to include the list of foods which i am going to mention in this article in your daily diet then it will result  in a drastic increase in your metabolism 
  • You will not only know how to lose stomach fat but  , you will also gain some muscles which ultimately results in more energy and more amount of fat you can burn 
  • We will uncover the myths revolving around how to lose stomach fat and weight loss


SPOT REDUCTION  is a myth 

Guys let me tell you that your body is a system and it has a certain way of working . One just cannot do 1000 sit-ups a day and reduce his/her belly fat it just doesn’t work like that . Your body fat starts melting from arms , shoulders , quadriceps ,calves , neck , face fat ,genetics , upper abs and then at the end your lower abs start to melt . Your body follows a distribution process . 

You should never let any marketer fool you by selling you  when he says how to lose stomach fat with some supplement magic .There are lots of supplement companies benefiting from this simple myth that we can lose fat from a specific body part or how to stomach belly fat and yes they are selling and making a huge profit just by fooling us .

     CALORIE DEFICIT is the key 

More than eating specific foods for the ultimate goal of losing weight , the amount of extra calorie you are consuming leads to fat accumulation . What is the major cause of stomach fat ? Simple ! Eat more and move less .  

Apart from maintaining a calorie deficit , PROTEIN is an absolute vital micro nutrient which plays an important role in melting body fat and accelerates the process of losing stomach fat 


NO Sugar , NO Gluten , NO Dairy , NO White flour , NO Candies , NO chips , NO Coke and NO Keto .

Now lets come to the point of top foods to include in your diet which will help you drastically lose weight including your belly fat as well .

i will not only mention top foods to eat to lose weight , but will classify these foods into 3 category of foods which you need to include in your grocery shopping list now and consume them daily ! Those are PROTEINS , CARBOHYDRATES and HEALTHY FATS .

 TOP sources of PROTEIN to include in your Diet to lose belly fat :

  • EGGS  –  A great source of readily available Protein . 1 whole Egg contains approx 6 gm of protein although its preferable to have more of EGG whites as the yolk is calorie heavy

  • ALMONDS –  Apart from a good source of protein , almonds are also calorie low , fiber rich , full of Vitamin E  , mono-saturated fat and fiber . Almonds are also an excellent source of vitamin B and zinc

  • WHEY PROTEIN  – 1 scoop of whey protein contains an avg of 22-26 gm of protein . Whey proteins are the purest form of protein extracted from skimmed milk and not a by product of cheese production .They are a great source of branched chain amino acids , (BCAAs) used to stimulate protein synthesis . It also helps to increase strength and promotes muscle growth

  • Boneless Chicken Breast The reason i have included boneless chicken breast in my top sources of protein is not only these are an excellent source of protein but with the same time they have least sodium and ZERO carbs which makes them an ideal food to consume on a flat belly journey

  • Scallops & ShrimpNot only are these protein rich , but they are a great source of magnesium and potassium . They are low in calorie as well

  • BroccoliOn a weight loss journey , these are a must as apart from being protein rich , these are also rich in vitamins and fiber

So , we have seen some of the finest sources of protein to include in your diet if you want to reduce the size of your waistline in a short time . Now, lets get on with some of the Carbohydrates which you must include in your diet .

  • Steel Cut OATS 

  • Pineapple 

  • Blueberry 

  • Quinoa

  • Kale 

  • Sweet Potato 

Now lets see some of the best Fats to eat 

Top Fats to eat to lose belly fat

  • Chia seeds & Hemp seeds

  • Coconut Oil

  • Avocados

  • Almond butter 

  • Walnuts 


It is important to note that consistency is the key and you must keep patience and stick to your goal . You might get tempted to east junk foods , and its okay once in a while as a cheat meal but foods which i have mentioned in this article should be a part of your lifestyle and you will see in a span of time you will start losing those extra pounds around your waistline in no time .

Importance of EXERCISE :

Apart from including these foods in your daily diet , you must stay active , go for a regular walk in the morning or even in the evening when you get time . Start doing multi joint exercises like Dumbbell swing , Squats & Dead-lifts .

So Guys what’s stopping us from leading a healthy life? Remember , its not a habit , its a lifestyle . Please drop a comment or a feedback and share my post if you like it . Do not forget to subscribe .


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  1. I don’t have almond butter but I do have almond milk. Is that good for losing stomach fat? I also love broccoli but I had no idea it would help with weight loss…will start eating it even more now!

    1. Surely you may consume Almond milk but make sure they are unsweetened as unsweetened almond milk contains roughly 75% lesser calories than regular milk ! Keep reading and Tc 🙂

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