Learn how to control your mind and emotions in 8 Easy steps

Learn how to control your mind and emotions in 8 Easy steps
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How to control your mind and emotions

Everybody wants to focus and lead a better life and there are so many ways to go about it.

What if you get a cheat code that helps you get to your dreams and be focused at a really fast rate?

I want you to think about this – A lot of you spend some part of your time playing video games on a PS4 or maybe a PC.

Some play it on HARD level, some on Medium or maybe some at an Easy level before we even think about putting in a cheat code Right?

Even though the game developers have programmed these cheat codes which allows you to enjoy these video games better, still some people won’t put the cheat codes until they figure out how to beat the game.

But when we talk about the game of life guys, we only have one life, unlike video games where we have a ‘Resume the game ‘ option.

In the game of life, we need to put those cheat codes as soon as we can so that we can have a more successful life because we only live once.

Our brain is wired to minimize efforts and maximize results. It finds pleasure in doing less amount of work and still wants to achieve success and the reason it is often intrigued when it sees something like ‘ Make easy money online at the comfort of your couch ‘’ or something like ‘ Lose fat in a week without doing exercise‘.

The problem with these quick fixes is they are not effective. We do not aim to find a fix for the core problem, but our mind instead is busy finding how to fade away the symptoms.

You need to fix the root cause if you want to learn how to control your mind and work on rebuilding it and at the same time learn to condition yourself to attain success.

We must develop a Strong mind if we want to live a strong life which is only built with positive thinking and by learning new things DAILY.

Learning once in a while will not help and you must develop a habit by constantly telling your mind to learn new things daily and be consistent about it.

You are responsible for your own life and if you don’t have a goal, your life will end nowhere and if you have one, then you must learn how to control your mind.

Why do you need to control your mind and emotions?

There is a need to control your mind and emotions in the sense we know that great things are achieved when a mind is focused on a target.

It is essential for Growth and peak performance because winning the war in your mind and making your conscious mind believe that YES! You can do it actually makes a huge difference to the outcome.


Best methods to control your mind and emotions

# 1. Meditation

how to control your mind by meditation
how to control your mind by meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways you can control your mind and emotions and programme it to achieve success. It is linked to a higher level of brain processing power and helps you stay active throughout the day.

Long term benefits of meditation are linked to even higher levels of high processing power and plays a crucial role in your journey of you reaching your highest potential.

You can say meditation is the workout of your brain where you enhance the potential of your brain by just doing meditation for 10-20 mins daily.

Meditation Increases your :

# Overall Happiness

# Your ability to Focus

# Memory Retention

# Your ability to comprehend

# Your ability to learn

Meditation Decreases your : 

# Discomposure

# Woefulness

# Apprehensiveness

# Stress

# Materialistic desire

The Core meaning of Meditation is to Cut off from the real world and focus on your own self as it is easier said than done for a common man except you are a yogi. It is really hard for a beginner to just sit at some place, close your eyes and start meditating by cutting yourself off from the current happenings.

It is very natural to have thousands of thoughts running in your mind when you start meditating. Well, so by now you have a fair idea about meditation, but here comes the main part of the process :

How to start Meditation? 

I am going to take you through a step by step process on how to start meditation for a complete beginner. First thing first, find a quiet and serene place where you are devoid of any form of distraction.

You must sit cross-legged with your arms at a rest position on a yoga mat or you may even sit on a chair if you have any difficulty in sitting at a crossed leg position ideally early mornings or at late nights.

Now start your meditation by closing your eyes and start the process of deeply inhaling followed by exhaling where in your entire focus should be on your BREATHING for the nest 10 minutes. I would really suggest you start a 10-minute meditation initially and gradually once you get habituated, you may prolong it to 20 minutes a session.

Your thoughts must not wonder about 20 other things at the time of meditation. It is very natural to get distracted at the beginning and you should try to focus and not let your mind do the wondering during those 10 minutes. I call this phenomena ‘ Cognizant Meditation ‘ simply put, the process of focusing on your breath.

Let me share my personal meditation technique with you guys. I find it hard to just focus on my breath so instead, I chant ‘ OM ‘ while I exhale really slowly stressing mostly on O and ending with M. This technique has always helped me calm my mind and removes all my stress.

Once you open your eyes after those 10 minutes of meditation, trust me you will feel 10 times lighter and a lot calmer than before.

Guys always remember that meditating once in a week won’t do a tiny bit of difference unless you imbibe it in your daily routine and you will start seeing a big difference within a couple of weeks of your continuity.


# 2. Don’t Waste your FREE Time

There is a verse in Bhagwat Gita as it is, which says  ‘yato yato niscalati manas cancalam asthiram tatas tato niyamyaitad atmany eva vasam nayet ‘ meaning our mind is of unsteady nature and it is not fixed at one place.

As a master of our minds, we must be able to control it and not the other way around. Instead of playing our favorite game on a Ps4 or binge-watching on Netflix, we should rather devote our time to our goal.

# 3. Take the Lead

how to control your mind by taking the lead
how to control your mind by taking the lead

A famous monk, Gaur Gopal Prabhu has rightly pointed out at one of his session that you may easily sit at the back seat of a car very comfortably.

You may play with your cell phone, you may check out your social media pages, you may peek outside the window or you may even look at the pedestrians.

On the other hand, we have the driver of the car who is in complete control of the steering and knows where he wants to take the car before he reaches the next crossing.

In our journey of life, we should be like the driver who guides the car safely to its destination by taking the right decision before the next challenge ( in his case next crossing).

You may refer to our other article which talks about it in depth here.

# 4. Never Stop LEARNING 

We must keep getting better and keep training our mind by grasping knowledge and picking up lessons from our life experiences.

When we start doing this, we give our mind an opportunity to develop which helps in taking decisions and provides us wisdom.

It is the learning, that helps us in controlling our mind in the right direction. If you want to learn, no one can stop you.

# 5. Snap the Rubber-band technique 

How to get out of your head? This trick has helped me a lot and I use it whenever I can, first brought to light by a well-known author Robin Sharma. My friends often ask me why do I always wear a rubber band on my wrist?

Guys whenever I feel I’m doing something which I should not be doing, it can be anything from wasting my precious time on non-productive things or whether its one of my bad habits , I pull the rubber band and snap it hard so that I get a pinch of warning which tells me to stop it right away  .

# 6. Stop Running on Auto Pilot mode 

Guys the biggest mistake we often do is that we are always running like a horse and we are so caught up in the race all the time.

You need to stop and start giving some space to yourself by putting your mind to work on yourself. Think about your goals, what are you doing with your life? where will you end up in this race?

Start giving at least 30 minutes of your day’s time thinking about everything I just said.

Dedicate those 30 minutes on planning your life, on your future and replan if required.

# 7. Think Positive

Positive thoughts influence the world around us and bring us positive circumstances and the same goes with negative thoughts.

I am sure if you are reading this article, then you must have also watched the film ‘ The Pursuit of Happiness ‘  which is based on a real-life story of a man by the name of  Christopher Gardener.

The guy stood against every tough situation life throws at him with the help of only one thing i.e. he was always positive in life.

He took up an intern for 6 months in a brokerage firm which did not even promise him to pay a single penny and with just a few dollars to his bank account, with sheer determination and positive thinking, he turned his life upside down. This is the power of Positive thinking.

# 8 . Visualise Success 

how to control your mind by Visualising success
how to control your mind by Visualising success

The longer you visualize your very best performance in your sub-conscious mind, the more rapidly it will express itself in your subsequent performances.

The issue is with so many young entrepreneurs I have had a conversation with, they have a very vague idea of success and an unclear vision of where they would want to take their businesses to.

Guys, whenever you feel you are lost in the crowd, I want you to get back in tune with what your vision is and what you want to be.

I want you to ask yourself  ‘ How do you visualize your success? ‘Entrepreneurs need to know the answer to this question with clarity if you ever want to see it becoming your reality.

Ask yourself ‘ Are you visualizing your success every single day? and lastly, ask yourself ‘ Do you see your visualization of success becoming a reality ?’


It is really important to win the battle in our minds first and if we are determined to do this, no one can stop us from achieving our dream.

Do let me know which method helped you to get out of your head by leaving a comment in the box below and do not forget to share this article of mine.



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  2. LOVE this post! I especially love the point about “don’t waste free time”. I’m definitely of the thought that this is the best time for side projects.

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