How to Relax muscles from soreness after a good workout session

How to Relax muscles from soreness after a good workout session
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How to Relax your muscles from SORENESS


Weight training is the most efficient and fastest way to burn fat fast and we have already covered this in my article but the main issue with weight lifters are they go through relaxing your muscles from soreness.

Sore muscles are a result of a  good workout and the muscle pain starts anywhere between 12-24 hours after a workout session and lasts typically for 2-4 days .

Let us go back to the pre-historic times where our ancestors used to hunt their own prey , make their own foods , built their own houses and do everything from scratch on their own meaning a much more active lifestyle and that is what our muscles were made to do .

We are about to enter 2019 and our current life is incomplete without gadgets . Walking has been replaced by 2 wheeler ,  commuting from one place to another has been made super smooth by luxury cars .

One dont need to be in the queue now in order to pay bills or even go out walk up-to a snack bar to have a bite of your favourite snack , we can order our food with a few clicks in this App dominated age .

We are constantly checking mails ,  our Instagram notifications , our Facebook feeds  and whats-app messages .  So our muscles are not used to working out and muscle fibers are not used to wear and tear .

When we start a new exercise whether it is weight training or even a new form of cardio which your muscles are not used to , we get into the phase of DOMS i.e. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness .

muscle sore, muscle soreness

DOMS ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness ) Explained !! 

DOMS  is a feeling we get when microscopic tears in your muscle fiber gets tear due to resistance training or a good workout . This happens when suddenly there is a stress being put on your muscles which were not being used to all these years and your muscles as stated earlier gets a tear .

Sore muscles are a result of ECCENTRIC training which is also called as negative training .

Eccentric training

For example during a Bicep Curl exercise , we start with a concentric exercise which is the contraction of a muscle and the ECCENTRIC phase which is the EXTENTION of the muscles or the reverse phase where in  we go against the gravity of earth .

This form of training is the most exhaustive because  when we lower a heavier weight , we are going to hit 50 % more deeper with more muscle fibre at work and we are going to hit more muscles in our body activating those hormones and signalling them to wake up for a big task ahead .


eccentric training

Do SORE MUSCLES  mean your muscles are growing ??

To understand the reason behind sore muscles lets dive into 3 ways our muscle tend to grow :

Sore muscles are a result of following one of the above mentioned ways of growing our muscle and the other two doesn’t contribute to SORE MUSCLES  and this is where the notion comes from that muscle soreness doesn’t actually relate to the growth of our muscles .

We have to agree to the fact that there is some amount of damage done to the training area when we train for a specific muscle group and to repair the damage done muscles need to regrow bigger and stronger than before and we do that by ECCENTRIC training and this is what causes Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

To avoid this the other two training ways comes to play i.e. Progressive training and Metabolic Stress .

Progressive training  progressive training

Progressive training is a form of training where in you keep adding weights after a certain period of time , many form of trainers started to turn to this kind of training due to the fact that our muscles will grow stronger and bigger if we train with heavier weights during a course of time .

By adding heavier weights , you can add TENSION to your workouts but gradually people started to realize that it is just not possible to keep adding heavier weights into your training as there is no end to it . And because of that, they started moving towards VOLUME .

This is where more and more trainers today are leaning towards adding more volume to the sets but this form of training is highly prone to injuries in the long run . VOLUME creates overuse of muscles which therefore results in a higher chance of injuries .

Metabolic stress comprises of a lot of factors namely

  1. Build up of Metabolites such as lactate , creatine , hydrogen ion , inorganic phosphate etc in the muscles
  2. Hypoxia – lack of oxygen to the muscles due to trapping of blood
  3. Cell swelling or pump resulting from pulling of blood in your muscle

This form of training along with Progressive training doesn’t result in muscle soreness but these two forms of training plays a second fiddle to the most effective way of training which is Eccentric training . 

But at the end of the day all the above 3 ways of training are a part of a bigger picture because we are going to need them all .  We gonna have to lift heavier sometimes , we gonna have to increase volume , we need to increase tension , we gonna have to do some Metabolic exercises and we gonna have to have respect for lowering our eccentrics and in control .

Since Eccentric training is the most effective and preferred in the long run for muscle growth ,  it can be said that muscle soreness means your muscles are growing stronger than they were yesterday since eccentric training is a major cause of sore muscles . 

How to relax muscles from soreness ??  WE TELL YOU THE TOP 3 WAYS ON HOW !! 

Now that we have covered the mechanics of sore muscles , let us get into the top 3 ways to relax muscles from soreness.


cold shower right after workout for muscle soreness

I cannot stress this point further as it is one of the top 3 ways to relax your muscles. Top athletes jump into the cold pool or take a cold shower right after a rigorous practice session or a hard work out . If those top athletes do it , why cant we .

High Protein Intake 

high protein food

A high protein  diet is very important to get relief from sole muscles and minimize its effect in the future subsequent workouts as Protein is building blocks of a body and it acts as a constant fuel to your muscles by continuously providing your muscles the protein which it needs to speed up the recovery process .

Adequate Sleep

sleep recovery

Sleep Sleep Sleep !! This works 100 % better than all the supplements out there which promises to reduce the effects of muscle soreness . Sleep is the best form of recovery you can provide your muscles from being sore and recover at the earliest for your next workout session .

Should I workout with SORE MUSCLES ?

It is very much advisable not to totally stop working out in the state of muscle soreness because your muscles need a constant flow of blood which is provided by a low intensity workout . One should definitely not work out with the same intensity with muscle soreness but a light form of activity like walking , brisk running , light swimming etc is recommended .

You must go through pain in order to gain something . The pain is temporary but what you will gain out of the pain is much more rewarding . So keep training hard .

Feel free to write about your feelings and suggestions regarding this article as a lot of research has been put into it . You can comment below and dont forget to subscribe . Happy Training



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  2. This was such a useful post! I always completely stop working out when I have sore muscles but now I know I shouldn’t. I like how you described progressive training (I think I push myself too hard at first and then give up) – I will try that.

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  3. Definitely need that rest time to aid your recovery. I did like crazy back in my lifting days; always grew like a weed because I rested up. Work one muscle out weekly to look like a Marvel comic hero LOL.

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